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    1. Cross Bows
    2. Bows with working arrows (without written permission of the Public Safety, Operations and Risk Manager)
    3. Spears and/or pikes
    4. Axes over 1500mm (1.5m) long or tall
    5. Weighted gloves or clothing with sharpened studs or similar
    6. Maces
    7. Firearms (includes replicas)
    8. Any other category R or M weapon
    9. Any other item defined as not being permitted

    Please provide details of the weapons(s) that you intend to carry and/or wear at the Abbey Medieval Festival. Please provide as much detail as possible to avoid delay in receiving a response to your application.

    If granted a permit, you will receive an email confirming the same. You MUST present this email together with your ID to the Public Safety Tent (located just inside the Entry) to contact your permit.

    All information submitted as part of this application, shall be maintained by the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology in line with the National Privacy Principles.

    For further information:

    Please email the Public Safety, Operations and Risk Manager
  • Terms and Conditions

    By submitting this application you agree to the Conditions:

    1. I agree t o follow and adhere to the Conditions of Entry to the festival
    2. I agree to strictly adhere to the provisions of the Weapons Act and associated regulation specifically:
    (a) Remain in possession of the weapon at all times (unless checking weapon at Weapons' Cloakroom)
    (b) Keep the weapon secured at all times
    (c) Not engage in any conduct that is likely to cause:
    - Death or injury to a person
    - Unlawful destruction or damage to property
    - Alarm to another person
    3. Not be under the influence of alcohol or a drug whilst in possession of a weapon
    4. Not consume alcohol whilst in possession of a weapon
    5. Not attempt to enter a liquor venue whilst in possession of a weapon
    6. Follow the direction of public safety personnel, police or others.
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    By clicking on "SUBMIT" you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions.

    Further to this, submitting an application DOES NOT GUARANTEE that the permit will be granted.

    If you fail to arrive at the festival, or are unable to attend, you will not be refunded your camping fee